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(March 19, 2017) The Coal Deposit at the $100 Donator Zone has been replaced with a Gold Deposit. There's a new pack available in the Donator Shop under Cosmetics - "Package". This Package will give you a random pet when you loot it. It costs 50 Credits. Changes have been made to the Crystal Key Chest; a lot of junk removed and beneficial items added as well as a new item at a new rarity! You can no longer eat Purple Sweets during a Duel if food is toggled off.   Completionist Cape   I've made changes that we (the staff team) feel will benefit the players in the long run. You no longer need to complete all achievements in order to receive the cape. Boss Kills have been increased to a requirement of 100, excluding Tormented Demons (15) and Wildywyrm (5).   Seperately, you also now need to open 100 Caskets, 50 Barrows Chests and 500 Crystal Key Chests.   Hope you all enjoy!   Voting   I have also made changes to voting. New items in the Voting Shop (Chaotics), removed some useless items and you now can get a max of 1 Vote Point per day (item prices scaled down accordingly). (March 02, 2017) NEW BEGINNER BOSS!   Introducing the Soulgazer, a new boss aimed at newcomers and beginners to be an alternative to farming Barrows/training slayer/Thieving way beyond 99.     This new boss drops a lot of skilling supplies and coins and has a new set of armour along with it that can be alched for even more money! This new armor is also on par with Dragon, acting as an alternative to that set to bridge the gap between Rune and Barrows gear. (Wait until Rao has the full set to do alch it, though). As with typical RSPS2 fashion, the new boss comes coupled with a new boss pet to hunt. Happy hunting!   You can find the new boss on the first page of the Boss Teleports via your SoF tab.   In other news The King Black Dragon drop rate of item "Draconic Visage" has been improved, you are a lot more like to see one in a fewer amount of kills. A ton of Thieving Game Messages have been added to the filter. Glacor killcount has been added to the Quest Tab. (February 20, 2017) The Squeal of Fortune   The Squeal of Fortune has undergone a small rework largely in part due to community feedback! I will list the changes made below:   Dwarf Cannon parts added to lucky rarity slot. No more Gaze Aura's from the lucky rarity slot. 10m coins drop removed from lucky Rarity slot. All skilling supplies in common/uncommon rarity have increased quantities as well as being better level supplies in general. Cannonballs added to the uncommon rarity slots. Baby Squirrel pet added to the rare rarity slot. Crystal Key halves added to the uncommon rarity slots. Clue Scroll Casket added to the uncommon rarity slots. A ton of new skilling items and XP lamps have been added to the common and uncommon slots.   The following list of items have been made tradeable as part of the SoF rework:   Flaming Skull Flying Goblin Hat Horns Tattoos Barbed Bow Book of Faces   The following list of items have had their base sell price changed as part of the SoF rework:   Flaming Skull Flying Goblin Hat Horns Tattoos Barbed Bow Book of Faces Swagger Stick All items containing "Lucky" in their item name   Misc Updates   I've removed the Hunger System from Familiars - it was rather pointless. The Essentials Shop NPC no longer has a level of -1. Skeleton Gloves added to the Mystery Box. You can no longer purchase or wear the Max Cape without having 99 Dungeoneering. If you try to wield the cape without 99 Dungeoneering, you will be unable to. A bunch of Game Messages you receive when doing Herblore have been added to the Game Filter. You can now alch items that are untradeable as well as items worth up to 500m.   This is the first update I've worked on in a while. It may contain bugs, so if you find any please report them to myself or a staff member. Hope you all enjoy! (January 19, 2017) Castle Wars - Achievement games required lowered to 1, 20, 40, 75, 100 from 1, 30, 50, 100, 300. Pest Control - Achievement games required lowered to 1, 30, 50, 100, 150 from 1, 30, 50, 100, 300. Serpentine Helmet now has the correct stats. Dragon Kiteshield now has somewhat correct stats?   I wanted to wait a bit longer and compile a bigger update for you all, however I think even these 4 changes are pretty impactful to the current playerbase so I'm updating with them now.   The next update will contain a new Donator Item and changes to the spending of credits (did someone say in-game shops?) as well as a new beginner boss and more bug fixes.   As always thanks to everyone playing/posting on the forums for being a part of this community. (December 10, 2016) Combat Flask (6) now functional. Zamorak Brew (4) now functional. Proselyte Armour Pack now left-click opens. A bug with packing Third-Age Mage has been fixed. Packing the Third-Age Druidic Set will now pack the Staff. Light and Dark Mystic Sets now left-click open. Normal Casket removed from NPCs that dropped it. You will no longer get killstreaks in Castle Wars. A bug where items would be lost upon going to the login screen has been fixed. We've added new vote and donation items - Skilling Packs! For 25 Voting Points or $5 you can snag yourself some quick supplies. (November 27, 2016) RSPSZone Launcher has been updated! The Launcher allows you to keep all of your accounts between both RSPS2 and RSPS-OS easily accessible. You can now instantly log in to your favorite game and accounts without ever having to enter a password again! It's as simple as selecting the Auto-Login and startup options from the file menu. Everything will be kept up to date within the application as well. Linking RSPS2 Account Link your RSPS2 account to your forum account using the form below. Each account you have linked will display in the RSPSZone Launcher and individual character passwords will no longer be required. All characters owned by you will display in the Launcher under your RSPSZone account. FILL OUT THIS FORM TO LINK YOUR RSPS2 ACCOUNT! Click here to download the RSPSZone Launcher (November 21, 2016) Queen Black Dragon now drops the Coral Crossbow which is required to make a Royal Crossbow (apologies, I thought I'd added this before, apparently not). Lowered some of the Damage Values for the Queen Black Dragon; she's a bit easier now. Hunger requirements for the following pets should be removed: Sneekerpeeper Spawn, Flamey, Glacyte, Nexterminator. New item added to the Voting Shop - Chaotic Recharge Token. Using this Token on a broken Chaotic weapon/shield will fully repair it!   All I could really manage at the moment, sorry. I finally got a new job and my time I have has been cut drastically. (October 29, 2016) Effigies are no longer tradeable. Monster Carnage boss-skip bug fixed. Cape of Victory no longer tradeable. Two new halloween masks added to the $100 donation box which now gives the option to select what mask you want instead of randomly. Things will be slow for a bit, RSPSZone and RSPS-OS are currently taking priority. Look out for more info on those soon!     (September 22, 2016) Fixed a bug where you could loot the Shooting Star without any Stardust. You will no longer show as a Moderator on ::players if you use ::toggleicon. ::toggleicon will also now hide your donator title on ::players. Lucky Spirit Shields now share the same effects as regular ones. The Summer Shop will be removed today. Evil Trees have been added to RSPS2! These function identically to Shooting Stars.   Sorry It's not much, please read the thread I posted in Server Discussion for an explanation as to why. (September 09, 2016) You will now get 6 CW tickets for a win, 4 for a tie and 2 for a loss. Agile Top and Legs now give a 2. 5% XP boost each. The Wildywyrm, Glacors and Nex now have Boss Pets to hunt! Summoning Shop has been added to Tier 2 Donator Zone as suggested here. You can now toggle your Donator Icon on/off via ::toggleicon as suggested here. Master Capes now have identical stats to Skillcapes. Shooting Stars will now fall onto the RSPS2 world every 3 hours! Be sure to mine them for a bunch of Ore, Coins and XP. They also reward you with a mysterious Star Amulet and a 1/200 chance of something awesome. You will need a Mining level of 70 to do this activity. You can now examine your PvP armors and weapons (Statius', Vestas, Zuriels, Morrigans) to see how long they have left until they turn to dust. Your PvP gear will begin as a normal item and when using it, you will see a percentage when examining. However, this is only the percentage until it turns into a (deg) item. Only the (deg) item can be repaired and (deg) items lose their durability at a MUCH SLOWER rate than when the item is normal. (September 01, 2016) Bugged Canoe location fixed. Prized Pendant of Slaying now gives 2% more xp when worn on Slayer Tasks. Dragon Slayer Gloves now give +10% strength when worn and killing Dragons. Ferocious Ring now teleports you outside the Ancient Cavern Slayer Dungeon and provides +5% extra damage when worn and on a Slayer Task. Antipoison++ dropped by Corp now works. All objects available in Dungeons can now be created. Castle Wars Achievement is working again. Prayer Renewal potion pack added to PvM points shop. Enhanced Excalibur added to PvM points shop. A ton of items have been added to the Construction Supplies shop. Wolpertinger Pouch added to Consumables shop. You no longer gain PvM points in the wilderness. Elite Void added to PvM points shop. Slayer Spin Ticket will now give you 10 spins for the ::sof when claimed. Ancient Effigies have been removed from the Slayer Rewards Shop. They are now dropped in the same fashion Caskets are. We have made progress on Dungeons for Construction and will hopefully have them working next week. A variety of Cosmetic Gear has been added to the Mystery Box, as requested here. Legend, Hero and Champion game modes now have better drop rates than Default and Easy mode. Easy Mode accomplishments no longer show on the News Feed at www. rsps2. com. (August 27, 2016) Sorry It's late!   Castle Wars has been updated, bugs fixed as well as lobby timer halved, player requirement to start a game changed to 2 on each team and in-game timer lowered to 10 minutes. Primal Pickaxe and Hatchet now work. Potion Flask creation XP has been nerfed. You can now fill Potion Flasks with Super Potions and Overloads. We've added Potion Flasks in 6 doses to the Consumables Store too. When gathering tokens in the Warriors Guild the Animated Armour will no longer disappear. Agile Top and Legs now weigh nothing, fixing the issue where it wasn't actually functioning. ::guides command added. ::prices command added (takes you to the Price Guide). ::benefits command added (takes you to the Donator Guide). (August 18, 2016) NPCs under attack from an Ironman can no longer be attacked by another player. Filtering Game messages will no longer hide yells made by staff members. Typing ::staff will now list all staff members online (staff zone is now ::sz) Now, when playing Dominion Tower, you gain the ability to bank once every 20 kills. You can now mine Red Sandstone, craft it into Robust Glass and Glassblow it into Potion Flasks. Chance of getting rare+ items from Crystal Chest increased. Chance of getting rare+ items from Squeal of Fortune increased. You now get one free spin per day. The SoF ticket has been removed from the Voting Shop, instead you now get given one tickets for every vote. (August 11, 2016) Server news when achieving something will now state your xp mode. Skilling Points are now properly balanced based on your XP Rate. (10 points on easy mode vs 1250 on legend mode) NPC dancing around during combat should be fixed. Essential Shop NPC moved into bank and no longer wanders miles away. Titles for ironmen modes and xp modes now are automatically given on account creation, Aura Vendor will give you the title for free if applicable. (August 04, 2016) Dominion Tower   We have added a new minigame to RSPS2 - the Dominion Tower! Right now you only play Endurance mode, we may add the other modes in the future if requested. You can complete 256 boss kills before you need to claim your reward. Every boss kill completed will reward you with Dominion Factor - you need 4,000 to claim a reward. The more factor you get, the more items you receive! If you kill 50 consecutive bosses, you will have a 1 in 2 chance of receiving one of the following 3 items when you loot the chest:   Dominion Sword Dominion Staff Dominion Bow   If you kill 100 consectutive bosses, you have a guaranteed chance at one of the following 12 items:   Spellcaster Gloves (4 colours) Goliath Gloves (4 colours) Swift Gloves (4 colours)   Enjoy!   In other news:   Dupe fixed XP modes have been fixed/tweaked. (July 28, 2016) Any player now has the ability to simulate kills on an NPC and find out drop rates! Type the command "::drops NPCNAME" and it will prompt you for the number of kills you want to simulate and list all the drops you would receive!     Different XP modes have been added for all game types! Anyone who chooses Champion, Hero, or Legend modes will not have the ability to set an Artificial level beyond what they've personally achieved.     Also don't forget about the summer shop which will be removed at some time towards the end of August!   (July 25, 2016) Ring of Kinship added to Starter Kits. Fight Kiln bug fixed. Frozen Key price halved. Sanfew's Herblore Shop now comes in noted stock where applicable. Dungeoneering Tokens rewarded for completing a floor have been tripled at all levels. Potion Decanting now works. We may have missed some potions, please let us know if we have and we'll add them. All trees have had their cut times decreased - logs more often! Steel Titan will now work with auto retaliate in PvP. New Summer Shop! Armadyl dropped by Kree'Arra is now stronger than Royal D'hide. XP rates at Construction Altars fixed.       (July 21, 2016) Completionist Cape now requires all achievements completed in order to purchase. Cooking Gauntlets are now available in the Skilling Store. All teleports on Modern, Ancient and Lunar spellbooks are now free and give no experience. New Support Icon added, Owner rank added, Owner and Admin yell colours added. Random events now provide an award upon completion. Fletching Animations added. You now get both versions of a Skillcape when purchasing from a Skillcape Master. We have reduced the amount of waves in the Fight Kiln, hopefully it can be completed now. There is also a new client, 1.0. 5, please update to this as we hope it will fix the account being stuck online issues as well as crashing issues. (July 14, 2016) We've jumped backwards or forwards 8 weeks in time to bring you a new update!   Dungeoneering has been released!* All of the rewards are fully functional, we went with a basic approach to the skill instead of a full recreation to focus more on the rewards you guys want rather than the skill itself. We've created a News Announcement system in-game so ongoing events and hot-topics will be broadcast at regular intervals. You can now left-click open Sets! You can now create the Armadyl Battlestaff     All donations are 50% off as thanks for your support and in apology to recent events, visit the vote page for more information.     *You can find a Dungeoneering Ring from the NPC outside the General Store. (May 19, 2016) More voting items have been added! Fixed a bug where you could give Ironmen GP via Duel Arena An NPC selling Auras illegally has been hauled to jail. An NPC illegally selling stolen Skillcapes has joined the Aura seller in jail. You can now make Cannonballs! (you could do this before - now it's official!) Pathing changes!* Looting Untradeables fixed** You can no longer Yell when muted Ironmen are now able to use an attacking familiar when killing monsters! Non Ultimate Ironmen can no longer use items on the bank booth to note/unnote. Mahogany Logs and Mud Battlestaff no longer glitch when used on Bank Booth for Ultimate Ironmen. You can no longer use cannon/open shops in bosses/minigames/wilderness. The commands ::emptyinv and ::clearinv now work for all players. The commands ::resetatk, ::resetdef, ::resetstr, ::resetmage, ::resetrange and ::resethp have been added. Force PW change added. Bank chest at Citadel can now be used by Ultimate Ironmen. Dwarf Handcannoneers added to the game! (May 13, 2016) Ironman accounts can now duel, and are only stake restricted. ::getpin command added. More Achievements! Voting Shop added! Website overhaul glory no longer tleeports you out of a duel   Sadly most of our week was taken up with re-doing the website. We're still not finished with the website and want to focus on Dungeoneering after this week, so actual content updates may be infrequent for a while. The voting shop isn't complete, I have some items I need to create tomorrow morning and give stats to/code and then add them to the shop. (May 05, 2016) Void Gloves now purchasable. You can now use the Pestle & Mortar on the Toolbelt to grind Mud Runes. You can now use the Needle on the Toolbelt to craft Dragon Leather. Archer Ring (i) drop removed from Dag Kings (they did not drop the other 3 and they are all in the PvM Rewards shop so It's kind of pointless. Your Needle no longer has the chance to break. Huge bug with Insta-Kill Darts fixed. Ironmen can no longer boss with other players. Ironmen can no longer use lootshare. Cannon now fully functional. Instakill Knives fixed. Name filter now correctly applying upon attempted account creation. Bug where you could buy out general store items with no inventory space hopefully fixed. Achievements System added! Only a few categories for now but more will come in the future.  A couple more updates will come tomorrow. Brews/Sharks in store and hand cannoneers come to mind.  Added on 6th May: Astral Runes and God Staves now in Magic Shop. Sharks and Sara Brews now in Consumables Shop. A new shop NPC added inside the building to the West of Edgeville Bank. Changes to Boss Pets - size adjustments, most renamed and given a new combat level. Marble Block and Gold Leaf added to Sawmill Shop. (April 28, 2016) You can now enchant bolts. Examining a TokHar-Kal will no longer turn it into a tome. You can no longer remove quantity from a stacked item in the 2nd trade window. Opening an interface will no longer halt Special Attack gain. Switching delay has been optimized. You will now be able to left-click PK in the wilderness. Money Pouch text now added to filtered Game Messages. Donator Ranks added to ::players. Players in Wilderness added to ::players for Admins. Starter kit limit removed. Top Voter of the Month added to Home Page and Vote Page. Insta-Kill Knives now working correctly. Speed at which you can eat Rock Cakes increased. Clue Caskets now show you the Reward and the Interface at the same time. Runecrafting Pouches can now be filled with a full Inventory. You can now hunt Butterflies with a full Inventory. (April 21, 2016) Fletching Bolt Tips now gives Fletching XP and Ruby no longer gives absurd XP. Loom XP properly changed to 1,000. You now need 5 Grenwall Spikes to make a Super Ranging Potion. You can now use Bolt-Tipped Bolts with a Rune C'bow. Black Knives now longer offer infinite ammo. Auras are now untradeable. The following commands are now available for players: ::vote, ::donate, ::shop, ::forums, ::empty, ::updates Aviansies can now be killed use Magic. The lever room to enter KBD now correctly acts as wilderness. Area underneath Wildy Agility Course now correctly acts as wilderness. You now need to kill 5 Barrows Brothers before entering the crypt. You will no longer receive negative experience when using a Polypore Staff.   We lost 5 days out of 7 this week due to reasons out of our control, so I apologize for lack of actual new content/fixes. We will be back to normal for next Thursday's update! (April 14, 2016) Runespan fixed. Cave Horrors now accessible. You can now create the Slayer Helmet by combining a Black Mask with a Spiny Helmet, Nose Peg, Facemask and Earmuffs. You can now create the Full Slayer Helmet by combining a Black Mask with a Focus Sight and Hexcrest. Aquanites added to the end of the Fremmenik Slayer Dungeon. $100 Donator Loom XP increased to 1000 from 200. 120 Capes added! These will be available upon reaching 200m XP from Skillcape Masters and will cost 9. 9m to purchase. Custom Items added! Black Partyhat, Santa Hat, H'ween Mask, Pink Santa, Pink Partyhat and many more! Dkk vuln fully fixed. You can now make Bolt Tips! Upon reaching 200m xp in a skill you can now purchase a Master Cape from the Skillcape Masters! There will also be a news alert when you reach 200m xp now. Construction Games Room items now untradeable. All Skillcapes and Hoods now untradeable. Brawling Gloves now untradeable. Agility shortcut in Taverly Dungeon fixed. You can now pick a random amount of flax when flax picking. Loot Beams! Speak to the NPC next to the Crystal Chest. (April 07, 2016) Inferno Adze now has a 1/3 chance to burn logs whilst Woodcutting the following trees: Regular, Oak, Willow, Maple, Yew and Magic. Inferno Adze will now work in your inventory if you have a Pickaxe/Hatchet in your toolbelt. Lumberjack will now give a 1% XP boost to Woodcutting per piece, wearing the full set will give a 5% boost. Magic Secateurs now give a 10% increaed yield when farming Allotments, Herbs and Hops. Golden Mining Suit will now give a 1% XP boost to Mining per piece, wearing the full set will give a 6% boost. Black Ibit Outfit will now give a 1% XP boost to Thieving per piece, wearing the full set will give a 5% boost. Ring of Fire and Flame Gloves will now give a 2. 5% XP boost to Firemaking per piece. Brawlers Box will now give you a random pair of Brawling Gloves. These gloves give 5% increased experience when worn, 10% when using them inside the wilderness. Each pair of gloves will have 100 charges. Gaining xp from any source in the skill the Gloves are will use up 1 charge. When all charges are used, the Gloves will degrade to dust. Slayer Cape is now purchasable from Kuradal. Yaktwee stick will now give a 5% XP boost to Hunter when worn. Enchanted Watering Can will now work as a permanent Watering Can. Chinchompa and Red Chinchompa now longer act as unlimited ammo.  You can no longer loot another players untradeable items in the wilderness. NPC Pathing and Attacking Intelligence has been improved greatly. Abyssal Vine Whip special attack nerfed. You now need the correct donation amount to use the Yell Tag feature. You can no longer take Summoning Familiars to Corporeal Beast. Donator Zone is complete!12 new items added to Crystal Key Chest - will you be lucky?

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